5 Important Checks To Do Before Hiring an Electrician

Electricity is a big part of everyday living. Without it, especially in the present times, many functions cannot be done. Light, by itself, is a major element in the home that needs electric power. Most appliances need electricity too, from stoves, coffee makers, washing machines and well, even gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and computers!

Now, whether you are constructing a new home or renovating, hiring an electrician to work on the technical job is much more recommended than doing it by yourself. Simple homeowners typically do not have the knowledge and expertise on the whole electrical thing. Therefore, you should just employ the services of an electrician.

But what is it you have to check before hiring one? You have to really ensure that whoever it is you get is reliable, knowledgeable and experienced enough to perform and deliver, even beyond, what is asked of them.

Is the company and their team licensed?
You may have known this particular electrical worker because he was recommended by family or a friend but even so, you have to assure that they are registered to operate, especially locally. Because if not, you should not consider him at all. It can be risky and dangerous on your part since he has no license and if anything is to happen – a bad job resulting to fire, for example – you cannot be able to protect yourself. Complaining will be of no effect because by this time, the electrician may be nowhere to be found.

Do they know the national safety standard?
This still relates to the previous matter. If they are not registered in a government approved body like the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting or the NICEIC and the Electrical Contractors’ Association or ECA, they will not know and practice the national safety standard. Just by that alone, it is a red light that signals you to not let them work for you.

Are they insured?
Be involved and see if they have paperwork for public liability insurance. This is crucial because their body of work can be very hazardous, not only for themselves, but for you who is staying at the home as well. If they are insured, both parties can be guaranteed to be safe and protected whatever happens.

What are their rates?
Those with budgets have to be wise and compare prices in hiring an electrician. Have many prospects, so that you can examine each and see which you can employ, money wise.

Are they experienced enough?
Even if they are registered, someone with experience would be very advantageous. If they have many experiences under their belt, especially successful ones, you can be certain that they are serious in doing their job. Determine this whether by asking them directly or asking around.